This is Bill Babnicks website. The official web site of Bill Babnick, bill babnick, william babnick, William J Babnick, William Jon Babnick, William Jon Babnick II, Bill J Babnick, Billy Babnick, Billy Jon Babnick, Bill Jon Babnick II. Bill Babnick, is an official member of ASCAP (American, Society, of
Composers, Authors, and Publishers.) Bill Babnick has been a member of ASCAP since 2002. This site is designed to first a for most, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Risen Savior. This is a Christian web site, for Christian people, and for the lost people of the world. Bill Babnick
loves our Lord Jesus Christ, and is surrendered to Gods Will. Bill Babnicks favorite saying is, "Not I But Christ". This site consists of some of the best Christian music, Country Gospel music, plain country music, Southern Gospel Music, Christian Bluegrass music, The greatest of Bill Babnicks
original Country Gospel Music. If you like Christian Music, Gospel Music, Country Music, Country Gospel, Southern Gospel Music, then you will love this site, and this unique blend of hearing the gospel sang with a smooth southern, country sounding voice. Gospel music for all of Gods Children.
Bills hope is to be a blessing to many, and reach the lost, so that they may know the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for this ministry, this web site, and the souls who are behind this work. If you want to support this site, and this ministry, please make donations to, Bill Babnick Music Ministry, or just Bill
Babnick, and send it to the address in the contact window. This is the best site of Country Gospel Music. The most wonderful Christian Music site. Southern Gospel at its finest! So spread the ministry with everyone you know.
Bill Babnick was born in Farmington New Mexico, the second son to
Robert and Linda Babnick.

Bill's dad worked for El Paso Natural Gas Company, and was
transferred all around New Mexico. Growing up mostly in small
towns like Farmington, Aztec, and Jal, it was quite a culture shock
when Bill's family relocated to Albuquerque, NM. Bill became known
by friends and classmates for his Country singing voice. Soon
different parents of Bill's friends became aware of his voice, and
started taking young William out to different
nightclubs, and bars to sit-in and sing with different country bands.
It wasn't long until Bill had been asked to join a few local bands
there in Albuquerque, and began to be a local favorite around the
Albuquerque community, as well as his High School.

By his senior year of high school, Bill was a credited songwriter and
member of ASCAP, and had already been noted in many different
newspapers for his singing and song writing talents. Winning a local
Song Writing Contest for a song Titled “Whispers”, Bill decided it
was time to take his music career to the next level.... So Bill started
writing and pitching songs to different artist and publishing
companies all around Nashville.

After many years as an accomplished songwriter, and working with
different recording artists and publishing companies, Bill decided
that center stage was where he wanted to be, and that writing for
other artist was not where his heart was at. So he took a handful of
original songs and started putting together his band " 44 Mag. "
Recording his first Country Album - "P
layin In The Mud" - Bill is set
on topping the charts and taking the Country Music scene by storm.
So get ready, and start requesting Bill's first single release "
WHISKEY BENT " to your local Country radio station.
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